Slide Strata Made Smarter

A unifying digital platform pushing the boundaries of technology.

Huski Pro is a single centralised hub that gives the user complete control over their entire daily operations. Work smarter using our comprehensive software solution creating a seamless experience for you, the Strata manager.


Boost your productivity and increase efficiency with our unified and streamlined management platform.


Keep track of all financial activity enabling you to have accurate and reliable reports each and every time.


Powerful, simple and intuitive processes make your day-to-day tasks stress-free.


Instant validation and verification when work is completed so you are always organised, and things operate smoothly.


In depth, rich data that is easy to read by providing a visual financials dashboard and reports to optimize your operations.

Easy to use and intuitive design makes your workflow easier than ever.

Feature rich, beautifully crafted design using powerful automations to create a frictionless experience and boost your productivity. Automate repetitive time-consuming tasks and simplify the complex process of managing and maintaining strata title buildings.


Request Scheduled & Emergency Work
Report required maintenance issues or emergency jobs and the system will automatically allocate the required trade to attend and repair. The Strata Manager & Building Manager are notified throughout the process.

Trade Management System
State of the art system certifies that trades are licensed, insured and vetted for any works required. Tracks trades from the moment of job acceptance to attending the site, time spent on site until the work is finally completed. Manages all payments, communication and co-ordination.

Facility Management System
Keeps track of all regular scheduled works required within your building. Including ensuring trades have attended a scheduled job.

Work Order Management
System automatically generates work orders, tracks trade acceptance and ensures the outcome of the work that’s required.

Document Management
Stores all works reported, repaired and completed in a permanent off site data base/cloud.

Increased Trade Base
Gain access to a huge pool of service providers that you can inspect before making an informed decision on who will undertake your work. They have been vetted and verified so you have peace of mind that they meet the necessary requirements for the job assigned.

Price/Cost Control
Our system analyses the prices across every job throughout the country and will generate figures to give you standardised competitive rates to make an informed decision to select your next service provider.

VVTP – Verification, Validation, Tracing & Protection
The ultimate quality control assurance and satisfaction guarantee. All works are vetted by one of our qualified Huski team members to ensure you have a hassle-free experience every time you use our platform.

Historical Data Storage
From the moment you begin using our platform we will store all data in our servers so you can always go back and dig through old records and find exactly what you need.

Job verification
Job completion reports are vetted by Huski trade office to ensure the work is satisfactory.

Correspondence / Audit Trail
All communication data is permanently and securely stored in an off-site storage facility making it fast & easy to access instantly.

Maintaining Trade Compliance
Utilises state of the art system to notify when any service provider documents are nearing expiration and prevents any jobs going to trades with expired documents.

Auditing System/Verification
Geo fencing allows trade times to be tracked on site and ensures the jobs and completed correctly.

In depth Analytics
Rich data recorded and accessible to help find out exactly what you need to in the simplest way possible.

System automatically generates required reports with the click of a button. This means you can get the correct information you want, when you want.

Standardised Competitive Pricing
Costs are taken from a wide range of sources and then averaged out so you can always choose the most competitive price saving you time and money.

Streamlined Billing
Automated invoicing and batched billing allowing you to have a hassle-free experience.

Streamlined Tender Process
System generates tender response automatically, so you never gave to worry about invoicing again.

Secure Payments
Safe and private payment information stored so you have peace of mind whenever a transaction is made.

Tender & Quoting features
System automatically assigns to service providers listed who want to respond to quote requests.

Fully Automated Strata Processes
Automate repetitive time-consuming tasks boosting productivity and helping you regain control of your time management.

Easy Navigation Dashboard
Beautifully crafted, feature rich dashboard gives you all the information you need right at a glance making managing your day-to-day tasks easier than ever.

Smart Notifications & Inbox System
Instant notification system keeps you updated with your day-to-day processes, so you stay organised.

Powerful Management Calendar
Stay organised using our advanced calendar helping you to stay on top of all upcoming scheduled works.

Simple & Intuitive Design
We have kept the user in mind when creating this system from the ground up to ensure you the design language is easy to understand and simple to learn.

Secure Communication Portal Operating 24/7 to directly connect all relevant parties:

  • Owners / Tenants
  • Strata Managers / Building Managers
  • Real Estate Agents (Coming soon)

Tightly Integrated Eco-System
Huski creates a centralised eco-system between Strata Managers (MNGmy Strata), Tenants/Owners (MNGmy Home) and Trades (Huski Trades & Services). This deep integration between channels ensures you can get in contact with the right people instantly.

Conversation History
Granular access to all of your chat history saved on our cloud server so you can see communications made between parties for any job undertaken using our platform.