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We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Huski streamlines the entire job management process including accepting jobs, communication, checking in/out of the work site, adding notes/photos/videos once a job is completed and lastly pushing this information through to the issuing manager.

Our software helps reduce the admin heavy workload freeing up more time to get back to the job at hand.


We verify, monitor, and maintain your compliance status within the Government rules and regulations of the states you operate in.


Direct chat with the job issuer so you can instantly get necessary information to complete the works.


Instantly cut down expenses and improve productivity by reducing time spent on admin.


Build your entire team so you can easily assign work, monitor their job progress and schedule accordingly.


Gain access to Strata works (Business) and Direct works (Residential) allowing you to take on more jobs and earn more money.

Huski does all the heavy lifting so you won’t have to.

By covering all the required admin work, scheduling and time management Huski will allow you to tackle more work each day.

Using our platform will also grant you access to a whole new variety of jobs that you didn’t previously access to, meaning more money in your pocket.


Strata Works
Gain and accept access to a range of jobs in the Strata sector.

Direct Works (Coming Soon)
Gain access to jobs in the residential sector from tenants/owners wanting works booked directly.

Live Chat
Chat directly with the job issuer to gather more information or get approval.

GPS Time Card
You (or the team member assigned) can clock in/out of a job once you are in range of the work site. This will stamp how long you have been on location for whilst completing the works.

More Job Details
Photos, videos and notes can be shared by the job issuer and viewed within the platform to help improve the understanding of what the job requires.

Job Completion Pack
Complete a prestart to survey the safety of the worksite before commencing work, take photos of the job before, check in/out logging your time on site, make notes on the works and take photos after completion and then create or attached your invoice and send off for verification.

Tightly Integrated Eco-system
Huski creates a centralised eco-system between Strata Managers (Huski Pro Strata), Tenants/Owners (Huski Connect) and Trades (Huski Trades & Services). This deep integration between channels ensures you can get in contact with the right people instantly.

Job History
Keep a record of every single job completed through the platform including photos, videos, invoicing, ratings, and all other recorded data.

Team Management
In depth control over your entire team so you can allocate jobs to the right people, monitor their activity and track project completion.

Powerful Scheduling System
Advanced calendar and scheduling systems to efficiently manage all your available, current, and complete work in real time.

Action Toolbar
A live display of all the available incoming jobs that need your attention, so you never miss a beat.

Push Notifications
Remain in control and kept informed of everything that takes place throughout the course of a workday by receiving notifications that are sent directly through the platform.

VVTP (Verification, Validation, Tracing & Protection)
All works undertaken in the Huski platform pass through a series of validation and verification assurance tests to ensure they’re completed safely and correctly, every time. Once approved, your completed job pack is sent off to accounts to be paid.

Contractor Compliance ensures your business remains protected within the states and territories you operate in. Upload all your insurances, licenses and documentation and keep track of it from our platform. Get notifications whenever these documents approach expiry to remain up to date and secure.

Variable Price Jobs

  • Common Property
  • Behind the door
  • Emergency & Scheduled
  • View & accept variable price jobs where users will pay your base fee (callout + 1st hour).
  • Set your own rates!
  • Scheduled Job: where the customer isn’t sure and just wants a trade
  • Urgent & Emergency Jobs: (Attendance within 2 hours)
  • Set your own fees (call out and hourly)
  • Additional labour / materials can be added on site (with acceptance from customer).

Quoted Jobs

  • Common Property
  • Behind the door
  • Scheduled
  • View & quote available jobs.
  • Set your own rates!
  • Large jobs
  • Complex jobs
  • Multi-trade jobs
  • Non urgent jobs
  • Win more work
  • In-app request for further information

Fixed Price Jobs

    • Behind the door
    • Scheduled
  • View & accept jobs from pre-determined list and agreed labour price.
  • Accept pre-set rates!
  • Pre selected fixed labour jobs
  • Non-complex jobs
  • Accept jobs at a pre-set rate
  • Guaranteed labour fee. Add materials etc. (as necessary) on site
  • Fill in your spare time with more jobs

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